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Why we are different…

We believe, that like an oyster shell, every client is unique and should be branded in that manner. We focus on nurturing and growing your business with the right conditions to reach the most potential, like an oyster developing a pearl!

We strive to create or increase brand recognition by cultivating partnerships and creatively marketing our clients through strategic campaigns. Valuable sponsorship proposals, cause marketing, corporate social responsibility, press opportunities, and cross promotion enable us to reach your target demographics. Through limitless outreach and creating a unique niche, we can set you apart by out-of-the-box thinking which can present new ties that cultivate growth and productivity.


Oyster Shell Strategy, LLC was founded in April 2018 by Shana Giles Jordan. The OSS Team are experts in our field of Event Planning, Marketing and Public Relations. Throughout the years, we have found the “best practices” to help others reach their full potential!

Experience was obtained by years of working in Event Production and leading the Sales and Marketing Departments at the City of Mobile’s Civic Center, Convention Center and Saenger Theatre all operated by SMG, a world-wide facility management company. Additional experience in event management, marketing, public relations, sponsorship strategy and inventory management were maximized during more than 15 years of involvement with BayFest Music Festival in Mobile, AL.

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Meet Our Team Leaders

Shana Jordan
Director of Marketing & Public Relations and Partnership Management
Maggie Robertson
Consultant; Director of Events & Partnership Management
Richard Hopkins
Consultant & Director of Development

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